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bagtape-warehouseWith the cost of storing WIP and raw materials – we understand how valuable and costly your warehouse space is. With the largest selection of bag closures in North America, we have inventory of a variety of Paper and WPP closure items on our floor at all times to make sure you don’t run out. That means our delivery time is quicker, so you don’t have to keep extra stock on your floor. If you use custom materials outside of the industry standard, we can also deliver with quick turnarounds. The BagTape Closures converting operation is extremely focused and efficient. If you are interested in rethinking your supply chain and critical warehouse space, we’re the right people to talk to.

Lower Freight Costs

If you use multiple closure components – we can help consolidate your deliveries and supplier contact list. Need sewing thread and tape all in the same week? Just make one phone call and we’ll have them both delivered at the same time. This eliminates the headache of tracking multiple supplier details as well as lowering shipping costs. If we’re shipping out a load of crepe tape, but you need an emergency supply of thread – no problem. We’ll pack it in with the rest of the shipment instead of sending a separate truck to deliver one item.


Our 9,000 ft roll is 3 times as large as the old industry standard, meaning you will have 66% less waste!


Lower Production and Material Costs for Pasted Valve Bag Sleevestock

As the MW Pasted Valve Bag Closure industry leader, we have equipment that can laminate, slit and rewind larger rolls. The old industry standard was 3,000 ft. on a roll, but BagTape now has the ability to manufacture and deliver 9,000 ft rolls to your facility. What can you gain from this?

  • Fewer change overs
  • Less down time between roll changes
  • Less waste when slowing and stopping your Pasted Valve bottomers
  • Less material wasted
    • Usually operators throw away an average of 100ft left on the roll
    • Our 9,000ft roll is 3 times as large as the old industry standard, meaning you will have 66% less waste per Sleevestock run

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